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Makes of beaded edge tyres.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Trying to find the correct make of beaded edge tyre for your car can pose problems. Much depends on what is available when you want them and some makes are definitely superior to others.Over the last twelve years I have found that obtaining tyres for my 6hp Rover can be a rather hit and miss process.   The ply rating is important. I have found that 4 ply is really needed, although I have used 2 ply on the front wheels.  I have also found that some tyres fit the bead really well and have strong walls, but they lack tread depth and only last for around 2000 miles on the rear wheels.

It is very important to have the correct pressure in the tyre. On the Rover I have found that you should start with 60 psi on the rear tyres for at least a month or two, once the beads are stuck fast in the rims this can be reduced to 50 psi.  Unless the bead is tight in the rim the tyre is liable to rotate on the rim, pulling the valve out.  It is advisable to mark the tyre and rim so that any movement can be detected and never to use french chalk on the rear tyres as this also makes them liable to rotate.  The front tyres carry less weight so 45 psi is sufficient for them.

The best make was definitely Dunlop, but these are no longer available.  I have found Excelsior 4 ply the best for wear, Universal 4 ply strong but with poor tread depth, Ensign 2 ply and Camel 2 ply can only be used on the front wheels.

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