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DL 126 will soon be returning to the Isle of Wight

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I have a buyer for the car and it will be moving shortly to its new home.  I am very pleased that the car will be going back to the Isle of Wight, where it was first registered, and hope that the new owner will get as much pleasure from driving the car as I have done.

The car will be moving along with all its trappings, which will leave a fair amount of space in my garage and workshop.  I hope that some of this space will be filled by another veteran car before the next season of motoring starts.

DL 126 in the 'igloo'

The car loaded on the truck

Tools made a 6hp Rover

2 Responses to “DL 126 will soon be returning to the Isle of Wight”

  1. Steve The YAK says:

    I had the pleasure of having a ride around Ryde in/on DL 126 last night.
    I met Tim and Ed and was invited to go for a little trip ’round the houses’
    The Rover is a surprisingly nippy 105 year old car.
    A memorable five minutes.

    Steve The YAK,
    Wootton Bridge,

  2. Cyril Hollingworth says:

    I got your details from Danial ward.I went to look at the 6hp Rover he has for sale Ii watched your video this morning, what a great job you have made of the restoration It made my day to see it

    I decided to buy a 1908 8 hp as we live in a hilly part of Lancashire I think the extra power will be an advantage.The car was part of the sharp sale in 2005 and looks the same today there looks to be parts missing contact breaker and oiling system but I will know better when I get it home. Thanks for the video. Cyril

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