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Restoration Progress

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Restoration Progress

I am making progress with my restoration, albeit rather slowly.  Most of the mechanical repairs I have had to do so far have been to rectify the poor workmanship of previous ‘restorers’.  The work has taken a long time and has often been rather disheartening.

My latest part of the project has been to make new door cappings.  I first had to make two formers, one core to bend the stainless steel sheet round and an external one to hold the metal in position while I was bending it.  The cappings also have a gentle lengthwise curve so the internal former had to be made without any discrepancies to make it possible to slide it out once the stainless steel had been formed round it.  Getting the internal former just right took a days work by itself.

End view of new and old cappings












New and old cappings

Trying new capping for fit.




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