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Some useful homemade tools

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

I often make or modify tools when I have nothing that will do the job.  Here are some examples.

Homemade tools

Top: A roller, made from an old ball race, to roll new rims for paraffin side lamps, lying over a taper reamer to repair a petrol tap.

Bottom:  A tool for cleaning out core plug threads.

Assorted home made aids

Left to right:

  • Three open ended hexagon spanners for the removal of hydraulic brake pipes (the thin-walled nuts distort if a conventional open ended spanner is used).  These were made using heads cut off Allen headed bolts and then welded onto a suitable handle.
  • A curved handle obstruction socket, specially made get into a particularly difficult place.
  • An expanding collet for holding a delicate bush on a lathe so that it can be machined without distorting.
  • Bottom:  Two expanding collets used as pullers for removing bearings from blind holes.
  • Top: A motorcycle piston, beside it a press to remove a seized gudgeon pin from a motorcycle piston without damaging the connecting rod and without having to dismantle the whole engine, below it a puller for a motorcycle flywheel.

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