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Tools to aid removal of beaded edge tyres.

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

This shows how a beaded edge tyre can be removed quite easily from the rim.

A tool for removing beaded edged tyres

Pressing the tyre away from the rim

When a beaded edge tyre has been mounted on a rim for some while it can be quite difficult to unstick. The first photo shows a tool I made that easily presses the tyre in and lifts it upwards and away from the groove in the rim. Note the leather facing which prevent any damage to the paintwork. This works so well that it even works when there is some air still in the tyre.  The second photo shows this device being used on one of my wheels.

Further aids for removing beaded edge tyres

Once you have you have unstuck the tyre from the rim and inserted the first tyre lever you find that a extra pair of hands is needed.  The C-clips shown in the above photo clip round a spoke of the artillery wheel and round the tyre lever, holding it in place while you put the second tyre lever in place.  You can then remove the first tyre lever and work round the rim to remove the tyre, you are unlikely to have to use the clips after the initial operation.

Inserting a tyre lever

Two tyre levers held in place by C-clips

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  1. jim mortimer says:

    I think you could use better tyre levers. I use a Michelin Fusil, they make a set of 3, all are designed to remove or fit BE tyres. My car has removeable wheels, so to release the grip, I lay them on the lawn (no paint damage), and ‘heel’ them loose. In the days when I managed a farm, we drove a tractors front wheel over the damaged/worn tyre, that soon broke the bead. Cheers…. Jim

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