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Progress update

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Here are a selection of photos showing the results of a lot of manual work on my Overland over the last three months.

Shackle bolts and greasers

I have gone through the chassis, removing, cleaning and replacing all the nuts and bolts.  Removing and cleaning the 14 shackle pins took a week on its own.  There were about twenty grease cups on the car, some had lost their caps. I have made exact copies of the original parts where replacements were needed.










The front axle has been overhauled, along with the steering joints, and new king pins have been made.

New pins and overhaul of steeering joints

King pins


















I have new hub caps, but the rear hubs still need some repair before I can fit the caps.

A new hub cap















I have got new running boards made and fitted.  The original did not look too bad on the car, but, when taken apart, proved to be too rusty to be satisfactorily repaired.  The new running boards have been made in stainless, all nuts and bolts used are also stainless steel.

Underneath an old running board

New running boards















New running board on the car



















The original aluminium edging was still there, I have had exact copies made and have made formers to replicate the countersinks for the screws.

Old and new edging strips

Edging strip with a countersunk screw













Countersink former for edging strips



Battery box from underneath

I also repaired the old battery box.  It looked in a dreadful state, with holes in the bottom cause by acid spills, but was salvageable.












Progress has been made on the engine.  The cylinders have been honed to take new pistons, I have made new little end bushes and fitted them in the connecting rods.  I found that three out of the four cylinders were cracked, two severely.  An attempt to repair the worst cylinder was not very successful but, fortunately I managed to get a couple of replacements.

New piston

New little end bushes in the connecting rods












Cylinder under repair



I am getting a  replacement crankcase, which should be in better condition than the one I have.   This is coming from the United States and organising safe shipping has not been easy.  I am currently trying to work out the best method for repairing the clutch coupling shaft and the universal joint, which someone has already attempted to repair and only managed to make matters worse.



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